HomeFront: Private Time

As I'd mentioned in my last post, my first syndicated article came out in the Business Day last week. In it, I look at the ways people try to find privacy for themselves in smaller spaces and what this means for product design in particular. I've embedded the article below, and you can see the follow-up pieces monthly in the same publication.

Neighbourhood: Home From Home

My latest column for the Sunday Times "Neighbourhood" supplement looked at the AirBnB phenomenon and what it means for homeowners and the way they see their homes and personal space. The columns will also be syndicated in the Business Day once a month (as of last Friday), so look out for it if you subscribe to either of those publications.

Neighbourhood: City Permaculture

I write a column for the Sunday Times Neighbourhood supplement on home trends. It's a chance for me to share my thoughts on interesting shifts in the worlds of living spaces, architecture, product design and urbanism. It's out every week in the papers distributed in major urban centres of South Africa. This week I looked at urban homesteading and the drive to become more self-sufficient as homeowners.