Plascon: Capturing a Feeling

Plascon is one of my agency's clients, and we work on projects like their Colour Forecast with them. I was going through my archives a while ago, and I found this video that Rooinooi pictures produced of our process behind one of the previous Trend Forecasts and I thought I'd share it. We work on loads of projects like this and sometimes I think it's interesting for the public to get a glimpse at what goes on behind the scenes. 

ITI Trends: Cape Town Edition

Every year, I compile the ITI Macro Trend Review, a presentation that captures our viewpoint on social, retail, tech and design trends as they relate to our industry. We share this with clients and collaborators in a debut session in Durban towards the end of each year, and then I take it around the country (and sometimes overseas) to present it to conferences and companies. It's used as a catalyst for creative thinking and insight generation, and it's something that I really enjoy sharing. 

This year, we brought the Trend Review to my adopted home, Cape Town, for the first time.  We shared the presentation with some collaborators, media representatives and other like-minded people and I was more than heartened by the response. See some (unfortunately blurry cellphone) pictures that follow, and if you want to explore your own session of the Trend Review, get in touch using the form under Contact.


Ideas Magazine: One Thing at a Time

The good people at Ideas magazine recently got in touch about a feature they were writing on the trend of "On Day at a Time" projects. These have been trending for a while as people seek to find connection through mindfulness exercises or craft. You can read through the article below if you want to find out my take on this, as well as some other contributors' views.

Originally published in Ideas magazine, July 2015. Author: Marguerite Van Wyk.

Neighbourhood: City Permaculture

I write a column for the Sunday Times Neighbourhood supplement on home trends. It's a chance for me to share my thoughts on interesting shifts in the worlds of living spaces, architecture, product design and urbanism. It's out every week in the papers distributed in major urban centres of South Africa. This week I looked at urban homesteading and the drive to become more self-sufficient as homeowners.